Trent Young's CE


Let your light shine

Who we are

Welcome to Badger Class


Our class is made up of 25 children of which 17 are Year 3 children and 8 are Year 4s. The class is taught by Mr Booth and supported by Mrs Hussey. In our class every child matters and we constantly strive to let each others light shine. Each day, we remember that "Today is a new day with different choices to make".


This year we have an exciting and varied curriculum for the children to engage in their learning, starting off with a history unit based around the Stone Age followed by a geographical unit - Eco-Warriors! In the spring term the children will be studying the Bronze Age, which takes a looking into the secrets of the standing stones.  This will then be followed by Savage Earth in our final spring term topic.  In the summer, we will be finishing off the year with the Iron Age and Wonderful Dorset, a study into our local area.


To find out more about our learning, each term we produce a newsletter which is available to download in the class newsletter section. For any further information please don't hesitate in contacting us.