Trent Young's CE


Let your light shine

Who we are

Welcome to Fox Class!


Our class teachers are Miss Baker (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs King (Thursday and Friday), and Mrs Hussey is our teaching assistant. We currently have 27 children in the class made up of Year 4 and Year 5 children, who are all very keen to learn and achieve the best they can so that their lights can shine brightly.


The children of Fox class have increasing responsibilities around the school, including cleaning duties at lunchtimes, leading Collective Worship once a half term and being playground leaders. The Year 5s also have the privilege of being part of the Peace Makers, which help other children at break times to deal with small playground issues using the Restorative Justice training they were given. The children enjoy having these responsibilities as they also believe it is preparing them for life in Year 6. and beyond


This year the children will be studying a wide range of diverse topics to help broaden their knowledge and understanding of our world and its history. In the Autumn term they will are focusing on two topics: We are Warriors, where we will look at the Romans, and Road Trip to USA.  In the Spring our topics will be: Alchemy Island and Off with her 'ead! (the Tudors).  Our year will finish with The Blue Abyss and Peasants, Princes and Pestilence in the Summer Term.  We hope that all of these topics will be great fun and that the children enjoy them as much as we do! 

Each half term a newsletter is shared on our class page, which will give a more detailed outline of what we will be studying.  We also update our Facebook page each week to give an insight to the week ahead, as well as sharing any extra information or exciting learning that has happened.  Finally, each Friday morning from 8am we encourage families to come in early and for the children to share their learning and progress with you.