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Who we are

Owl Class is the Year 5/6 class at Trent and we are taught by Mr Hamblin and Mrs Bevan. There are 25 children in Owl Class and we are very proud of our large, bright classroom in the middle of the school.


As some of the oldest children in the school, we enjoy many responsibilities around school, including leading roles in our family groups, collective worship monitors, tidying the lunch hall and office duty. In addition, we are often given the chance to plan and lead collective worship for the rest of the school, allowing us to further explore that week's theme.


Whilst Year 6 are focused on the end of year SATs tests, we still enjoy a rich and varied curriculum, applying our skills to a variety of tasks. During the course of the year, we will be exploring topics including Frozen Kingdom, Darwin's Delights, Alchemy Island, Off with her Head, Gallery Rebels and Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. For more information on our topics, pop over to our curriculum newsletter page. 


Our maths work this term will cover a huge number of areas as we consider the foundations of maths as we think about how place value can be applied to a huge range of mathematical areas. We will then consider the properties of numbers and apply these to each of the 4 operations. Before Christmas, we will then begin work on fractions, decimals and percentages. We always look to extend our learning, so by tackling problems that require us to apply our mathematical knowledge of problem solving and reasoning contexts. 


We hope that you enjoy exploring our page and the rest of the website.