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Badger Class

World Book Day 2019 - We worked with Hedgehog Class and Otter Class to rehearse and then perform a well known story.

From pictures in the playground to lovely Christmas decorations.

Christmas greetings!!

A great way to end our scrumdiddlyunmptious topic.

The children enjoyed sampling the sweet treats and creating their decorative boxes.
A little Christmas Tree decoration to boot!!


Gore Farm – Seasonality Project

Over the course of the 2017/18 academic year, Badger class have been visiting Gore Farm (one visit every ½ term) to look at, study and record seasonality and changes to the environment.

The project was a huge success – not only have the children observed the changes in the local area, studying crops and how they grow during the different times of the year, they have also taken ownership of their own calf and studied the breed, nutrition and care, whilst watching it grow. They has the opportunity to handle a range of animals, grow their own carrots and research various aspects of countryside living.

The project has enabled children to understand more about farming, their local area, animals and the way in which they develop as well as where food comes from. An upshot of the children working in small groups has highlighted their social and emotional development, having the opportunity to handle baby animals and see how they develop has developed their kindness and caring skills, which they can take into other situations.

We have been able to link lots of curriculum areas into the project, science – plants, which we have continued to develop back at school and this has opened up further opportunities including inviting parents into school and presenting the project and the children’s study to them. This was a huge success in growing links between school and home.

Gore Farm presentation to parents

Amazing forces and magnets science in Badgers

Final Forest School for this year

Saxon Topic Homework Project

Forest School

A good start to our Forest School experience this term. It linked into our Saxons and Settlers topic today with a hunt around the woods.

Gore Farm Visit


Please click on the link and take a look at the pictures from our recent Gore Farm visit.


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