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Trent Young's CE School

Living and Learning together to make a better world within our Christian community

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!



Mrs Sherril Atkins   (Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead)    

Miss Ros Baker   (Deputy Headteacher; SENCO; Deputy Safeguarding Lead; KS1 Leader and Otter Class teacher)


Mrs Katherine Green   (Class Teacher - Hedgehog Class)

Mrs Rebecca Connor (Class Teacher - Hedgehog Class)

Mrs Lucy Chalke   (Class Teacher - Otter Class)

Mr Lewis Bacon   (Class Teacher - Badger Class; Deputy Safeguarding Lead)   

Mr Mark Leeming   (KS2 Leader; Class Teacher - Fox Class)            

Mr Ben Hamblin   (Class Teacher - Owl Class) 

Mrs Jenny Ferguson   (Part-time French teacher)

Support Staff


Mrs Elizabeth Asare-Joy   (Finance and HR Officer)

Mrs Michelle White            (Part-time School Administrator/Clerk to Governors)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Alyson Bevan     (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)  

Ms Victoria Morrison (Senior Teaching Assistant) - Maternity Leave

Mrs Jay Best             (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs. Helen Chester   (Teaching Assistant - part-time)

Mrs Hollie Gault        (Teaching Assistant - part-time)
Mrs Emma Hussey   (Teaching Assistant - part-time)

Miss Louise Jones    (Teaching Assistant - part-time)

Mrs Jenny Rogers    (Teaching Assistant - part-time)

Mrs Janet Sandle     (Teaching Assistant - part-time)


After School Care

Mrs Sarah Slade         (Childcare Supervisor NVQ4)
Miss Louise Jones      (Childcare Assistant)

Mrs Lindsey Partridge (Childcare Assistant)


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs. Helen Chester 

Mrs Hollie Gault

Miss Louise Jones    

Mrs Lindsey Partridge

Mrs Janet Sandle   

Mrs Jenny Wilson