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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

National Curriculum 2014


The new national curriculum for England came into effect on 1st September 2014. The curriculum contains the programmes of study and attainment targets for all subjects, at all key stages, except key stage 4 science. This will follow after a public consultation on the draft programme of study.


Click on the links to explore the new national curriculum in more detail.
1.Curriculum by key stages
2.Programmes of study by subject
3.Other curriculum subjects
4.Curriculum assessment
5.Curriculum interviews

Our Curriculum


The details of the new national curriculum can be viewed on the links above, but click below to download a document where we have included some additional details about the curriculum that is taught at Trent and what is relevant at different age groups.

The Curriculum at Trent

At Trent our curriculum is organised on a two year rolling programme. The majority of our learning takes place through themed units, although we also include focus weeks at various points.

Our topic plan for 2016-2017 is set out below.

Topic Overview 2016-2017





Literacy skills are taught in specific lessons but are also regarded as an integral part of other lessons. In addition to our Literacy lessons, we have regular Literacy Focus sessions where pupils may be involved in reading activities, handwriting practice, grammar and comprehension skills or topic related Literacy tasks.  Regular phonics lessons, based on the Letters and Sounds materials form part of the KS1 curriculum, although this may be extended for individual pupils if they move into KS2. We also use 'Phonics Play' to support our teaching of phonics.  

Click below for links to phonics.


Letters and Sounds

Phonics Play 



Reading at Trent


Mathematics is linked to our topics where relevant but is generally taught as a discrete subject on a daily basis. Click below for the yearly planning overview* for each class.

* this is subject to slight changes depending on the needs of each group of pupils


Our Scientific Learning each term either takes place as an entire topic, or  as a focus week.

The curriculum at Trent

Check out our class pages for details of each class's curriculum for this term.

Beyond Expectations

As part of the DSAT group of schools, our teaching and learning fits into the wider academy ethos as detailed below.