Trent Young's CE


Let your light shine


We want all of the children to be comfortable at school and, at the same time take pride in their appearance. From September 2018, we are introducing a tie and tartan skirts / pinafores instead of grey ones. For children who are already pupils at the school, we understand that some girls may have grey skirts / pinafores that still fit in September, and so either grey or tartan skirts / pinafores will be acceptable next academic year (ie until the end of July 2019), however we do ask that when you have to buy new items, you buy the new uniform. Thank you!


The children should not wear any jewellery apart from stud earrings, and hair should be tidy at all times. Shoulder length hair must be tied back neatly. Shaved or coloured hair is inappropriate and the school reserves the right to ask for items of jewellery to be removed and for dyed hair to be restored to its original colour.


Winter Uniform

  • Royal blue sweatshirt, round or v-necked (with logo) for both boys and girls or royal blue cardigan (with logo) for girls
  • Plain white shirt (long or short sleeved)
  • Tie (clip on) with Trent logo
  • Grey tailored trousers for boys and girls
  • Purple tartan skirt / pinafore dress for girls
  • Black school shoes (no trainers, heels or boots)
  • Grey / white socks or grey tights


Summer Uniform

  • White polo shirt (with logo)
  • Royal blue sweatshirt / cardigan with logo
  • Grey smart tailored trousers / tailored shorts for boys and girls
  • Purple tartan skirts or blue and white checked dresses (without adornments) for girls
  • Plain white or grey socks
  • Alternatively winter uniform can continue to be worn
  • Black school shoes - please note that open-toed sandals are not suitable


P.E. Kit

The same kit is worn by boys and girls. This consists of

  • White t-shirt (with logo)
  • Royal blue shorts
  • Plimsolls / trainers for KS1 and trainers for KS2
  • Black or navy jogging bottoms
  • A school hoody (with logo) or plain black or navy sweatshirt
  • White socks (a change from what is worn throughout the day)



The P.E. kit should be kept in school in a bag all week. Jewellery should not be worn for PE and long hair should be tied back (this applies to both girls and boys).


The uniform is available to buy from Kitz UK or from Sporting Classics in Sherborne.