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Home Learning - w/c 18.05.20



If you find you're bored over half-term, I've created an "I'm Bored!" page on the main home learning page. I hope you enjoy a restful break!

Note to parents: I hope that your child enjoys the activities that have been planned for this week. I understand that it may seem slightly challenging at the moment balancing both work and home schooling and I want you to know that I am here to help and support you in any way that I can. Obviously, in an ideal world, I would love for the children to complete all of the tasks that have been set but I understand that this is not always workable or possible. As a basic requirement, I would ask that the children try to complete all of the Maths and English activities. For the topic activities, the children can pick and choose which activities they complete. Obviously, the more activities that they complete the better, but I don’t want you to feel pressured at home to get these completed if time or work constraints don’t allow for it one week. Hopefully, the topic tasks that have been set are fairly independent activities so that most children should be able to work on them without additional adult support.


I would also ask that either the children or you touch base with me at least once a week via email, whether it is to share pictures of learning, ask questions or to give us some feedback. The class email will be monitored daily between the hours of 8.30 and 16.30 Monday to Friday -

Weekly Home Learning Overview

Y5 Maths Video - Nets

A useful little reminder of what nets are and how they can be used.

Y6 Maths Video - Ratio (Task 2)

A useful reminder of how to complete ratio questions where the total has to be shared. I'd suggest watching this for task 2 but we will also cover this in Mondays' Zoom lesson.

Y6 Maths Video - Proportion (Task 3)

This video covers using proportion. I'd suggest watching this for Task 3 but we'll also cover some of this on Monday during the Zoom lesson.

Anne Frank Video Diary

What if Anne Frank had a camera instead of a diary? You'll want to turn on subtitles if they don't turn on automatically. This is also part of a series of videos and we thought they may help you to develop your writing this week. Thanks to Ed in Foxes for finding and sharing this video!

#DrawWithRob 9 Self Portrait

We're now 7 weeks into doing Draw with Rob so here the opportunity to turn the mirror on yourself and create a self-portrait. As always, I'd love to see your attempts and I'll add them to the home learning gallery.

le 20 mai 2020

Bonjour la classe,

Ça va? How are you?

I hope you are keeping your French up.  Enjoy this new learning about la famille.  This week you will learn the vocabulary for members of your famille.  You will need this information as you try to make your own family tree, “un arbre généalogique”.  There are some video clips to watch to help you.

Bon courage,                   Madame Ferguson


Still image for this video

Y5 & Y6       Week beginning: le 11 mai 2020

Bonjour les enfants,

Ça va? How are you?

I hope you are keeping your French up.  I have now posted a little library of French songs and clips for you to enjoy in the video resource centre. Each one has a learning point and we will be doing some learning linked to these clips in the future.

Here are the instructions to get to these clips:

  • go to Children, select Home Learning and scroll right down to the bottom to: VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE.
  • find the French Year 5 & Year 6 section and click on the different clips you will find here:
  • BONJOUR SONG: Can you spot the greetings you have learnt?  Can you sing the Bonjour Song we sing in class?  This clip is also good for finding out how someone is, age and where someone lives.
  • RAP:  1-20 SONG_1 à 100:    Can you learn to count up to 20? Take it further 1-100.
  • RAP:  AGE – Quel âge as-tu?   Ask and answer questions about your age.
  • SONG: Joyeux Anniversaire:    We all love this song and it teaches us: the months, seasons                                               and how to ask someone’s birthday, “Quelle est la date de                                               ton anniversaire?
  • SONG: La Semaine:             What planet names are linked to the days of the week?
  • DAYS, NUMBERS & FOOD in the Hungry Caterpillar story in French:

                                      A familiar story that recaps the lifecycle of a papillon (butterfly).

  • SONG: L’Alphabet: You will love this song.  Can you spot the letters that sound the same?
  • LEARN THE VOWELS (Les voyelles):   Have a go at these sounds.  Can you spot the                                                              differences between the way you sound A,E,I,O,U in                                                           English?
  • RAP verb: AIMER – to like/love
  • RAP verb: ALLER – to go
  • RAP verb: AVOIR - to have
  • RAP verb: FAIRE - to do/to make v. JOUER – to play


  • VERBS:        FAIRE – to do/to make v. JOUER – to play explained


  • L’HEURE - TIME:   Ask and say time in French / la routine / Test yourself


  • LA MÉTEO - WEATHER: vocabulary / a weather forecast from le 12 mai 2020
  • DIRECTIONS: vocabulary/ a story/ Compass
  • LA FAMILLE:      This video teaches you about members of the family.  Some of the words                     you already know. Can you identify the members of your family in French?


  • LES ANIMAUX:    Do you like? What is it? verbs singular/plural masculine/feminine                                 negatives pronunciation.

Bon courage,

Madame Ferguson




Well it looks like maybe my team splits weren't quite as fair as I thought they were...sorry!! Nonetheless, well done to everyone who took part. 

Next week, you're going solo. If I've set it up correctly, it should be an individual competition. Who will take the title?

Not our week I'm afraid Owls as were beaten by some great individual efforts from Foxes. Well done to our top three of Andrew, Bailey and Dylan! Next week, I've set it up slightly differently as I've split you into two groups to compete against each other!

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